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Throughout the ages there have been a million and one ways to help you get a good nights rest.

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  • Glass of milk
  • Hot toddy
  • Peanut butter bread
  • lavender
  • relaxing music
  • a bath
  • reading
  • watching tv
  • exercising

The list goes on. And you know what? They all work. For some one. But here is the jab. Do they really work or do we think they work and therefore will it to happen.  Perhaps it is not so much the method we choose to use that works, but rather the habit of using that method that creates a state of relaxation.  Perhaps it is the routine.

One of the first routines they suggest when setting up a daily rhythm for your baby or children is setting up an evening routine. Because sleep affects so much of the rest of our day, setting up good sleep habits early on is vital. Why shouldn’t the same thing work for adults?

Setting up an evening routine isn’t so much hard as it takes commitment. You need to decide on a bedtime. You need to stick to it. You need to create a series of activities that will culminate in a state of relaxation and restfulness.

Here is what our routine looks like:

6:00- Dinner


7:00-8:00- Family T.V. time-We usually watch something we all can enjoy, like the Andy Griffith Show.

8:00- Bedtime for the Kiddos- We take turns doing bedtime while the other works out-He bikes, I run.


9:30-10:00- Work. I write, he checks emails.

10:00-11:00- We have a cup of tea or a nightcap and watch a little T.V. together or talk.


If we find we are not tired we may read in bed, but always paper, never electronics. We don’t have a television in the bedroom and overall have found that looking at a screen while trying to sleep ultimately results in a restless night.

It took sometime to get our routine down, but overall it has worked exceptionally well. The kids are sleeping better at night, which means we are too, and we are all in a better place the next morning.


What are some of the things you do to get ready for rest? Any secret tricks you would like to share?

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