So it is that time of year again for many of you. Back to school season. It brings a tear to my eye, but this is my very first year for this. My little peanut is starting Kindergarten. He has attended 2 and 3 day programs over the last few years, but this is real school. 5 days a week. School supplies, volunteer hours, uniforms.

And uniforms are the motivation for today’s hint. Let me tell you, they are not cheap! We aren’t even ordering from the recommended uniform company and they still aren’t cheap. So I have every intention of making them last through 2 boys.

Unfortunately, our school requires a white shirt, and this is where things get tricky. I have 2 boys. It is their job to get dirty. AND this is Kindergarten. The land of paint and markers and glue and glitter. These clothes are just begging to be destroyed.

So how do I plan to keep my white shirts white? With the help of Heloise.

Heloise suggests a 10 minute pre-soak with bleach water before washing. No more, no less. Too much and your whites will yellow, too little time and they won’t get that bright white. So here is my recipe for whiter whites.

  1.  Add your clothes to the washer. White cottons and natural fibers only.
  2. Fill your washing machine with HOT water on the largest load setting.
  3. Add a 1/4-1/2 cup of bleach, depending on how dirty you wash is.
  4. Stop the machine once the basin has stopped filling.
  6. Add your detergent.
  7. Continue through the full cycle.
  8. Now comes the important part. Wash again. NO SOAP. 1 CUP WHITE VINEGAR. This part is super important for 2 reasons. 1. It gives an extra rinse to the bleach water to prevent yellowing. 2. The vinegar breaks down the residual detergent scum which actually prevents your shirts from gathering stains. Leftover soap scum is a magnet for dirt. It is hard enough keeping whites white, why add an agent of stickiness to the mix?
  9. Dry.

The dry step comes with a small suggestion. If you have the time and the weather for it, line dry your whites. It saves on gas, it lengthens the life of the garment, and sun is a natural bleacher, giving your clothes that little extra boost they need.

That’s it.

How do you make your uniforms last through the years? I would love to hear from you.


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