The hearth was undoubtedly the heart of the home. It provided light, food and warmth. Like the sun, the hearth was source of nourishment and comfort and was pivotal in the survival of the family throughout the winter months.

Today we have replaced our hearths with ovens, but that doesn’t mean they don’t still represent the same principle needs. Lammas is a great time to reflect on how much we need this tool in our home and how grateful we should be to have it. Take a moment to say thanks for this modern convenience and to ask for a blessing upon it and all that it gives and on those who use it to do great work.


A blessing on food and fed,

Earth and Sun. All are one.

A blessing on your power,

Bless fire and food and maker

Bless seed and plant and baker.

Nourish us deeply,

Change us completely,

Teach us to nourish each other.


Lughnasadh is a wonderful time to think about cleaning your oven in preparation for all the work it will be doing in the coming seasons. If you have a self-cleaning oven awesome! If not, never fear—science is here. Watch this cute little video from the folks over at Cleverly:

This blessing was taken from the “Spell to Bless Your Oven” in the Witch in the Kitchen cookbook by Cait Johnson.


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