Whew! What a month… Finally things can get into a routine.


My sincerest apologies to all of my readers for the brief hiatus. I know, I know. We re-launched and then I immediately disappeared. I am truly sorry.


Who knew back to school could be so hard?!? I mean, how complicated could it be. Buy the list, pack the lunch, send the kid off, and pick him up at the bus stop.  Enjoy quiet time from 8-3:00.


But it’s not that easy any more is it? You can’t just buy supplies, you have to buy specific supplies that the school dictates. And you have to buy the supplies that your kids like and feel confident with, because Lord knows we must have cartoon characters on everything and all of our items must color coordinate in just the right way. Plus, if you are sending your kids to a school with uniforms like we do, there is a whole new layer to supplies shopping. Get out last year’s uniform, try everything on, see what fits and what doesn’t. Spend a fortune with the uniform company or pray that Target has everything you need. And when they don’t you scramble hunting Amazon to find what you need last minute.


And that’s just the child entering Grades…there is a whole separate bustle two weeks later for the child entering Pre-K. Add on top planning a birthday party, a bridal shower, a bachelorette party, buying gifts, and attending said events, and you have one crazy busy month.


But today is a new day.


Everyone is into the swing of things, the new school year routine has been established and there is now finally time to breathe—and to write!


Thank you all for your patience and readership. My sincerest apologies for my brief abandonment.



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