I have to apologize everyone, but life has been chaotic lately. With birthday parties and back-to-school, I have been lucky to find time to sleep. let alone post, but I assure you this is coming to an end. School starts next week. Vacationing will be finished. Soon the work will commence in earnest.


I would like to offer up a few bits of advice for those of you facing Back-to School time in the near future.

  1. Start your bedtime routine now. I know the sun is still setting late and I know your kids might not be ready, but the sooner that they get back in to a routine the better. Same goes for you. You will never accomplish number 2 if you don’t start with number 1.
  2. Start your wake up routine now. Plan to start getting up early. Start preparing for those early mornings of shuttling and bus stops. It’s okay that you have nowhere to go yet. Use that time for yourself and to get your kids in the habit of waking up early again.
  3. Do your supply shopping NOW. Things are already on sale and will run out quick. More and more often schools are sending very specific lists of things they demand their children. bring. Don’t wait till the last minute. Things do run out.
  4. Breathe. The non-stop activity and constant change of summer holiday is coming to an end. Now is a time to reflect on how things went and to look forward to the calming rhythms of the school year. Routines, schedules, uniforms, rhythmic patterns day in and day out. School days are like the ocean. They go in and go out, the same everyday.

Breathe in. Breathe out. The chaos is coming to an end. Soon you will have time to dance.


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