Wow! It has been like…8 months?!?!? That can’t be right…I have been writing…

Alas, I have not been posting. Life got in the way.


That is a terrible excuse, I know, but it’s the truth. Originally my excuse was the holidays. First Thanksgiving, which I hosted and nearly chopped off my finger over. (Word to the wise, hand mash your potatoes. F*** the immersion blender.)

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Then it was Christmas season, which is always crazy in our family because in addition to the actual Christmas holiday we have not one, not two, but five birthdays in the two weeks surrounding the holiday, including my own. The month of December is always over before it even starts, and then it is New Years.

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Around this time I had a bit of a third-of-life crisis as I turned 34. This turned out to be a very good thing. I joined the My Peak Challenge . It is absolutely no exaggeration–this program has changed my life. I will happily dish all day about MPC  to ANYONE who wants to listen, but that will have to be another post.

I continue.

As part of my little “life crisis,” I decided that year 35 is my year. I am getting back to work. Real work. I am going to finish my cookbook (#kitchensimpler if you are looking for previews on Instagram.) I already completed my health coach certification and I will be launching my business in the next two months. And I am recommitting myself to this blog.


I CANNOT let life get complicated like this again.

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A few months back I had my husband look over the site and asked for some input. He told me it wasn’t personal enough. He’s right. For years I have been afraid to put myself out there. Well you know what??

Je suis prest! I am ready. What do I have to lose?

What does that mean for you fine folks? That means this site is about to get real. We here at Life, Simpler are here to show you what intentional living is supposed to look like, not just tell you how it is done. From now on, this site is going to be hands on living, by real people who are doing it, starting with me.

We are looking for guest contributors and stories. We are starting a new column–Beginning, Simpler–with our new contributor Jackie Krah, who is going to be sharing her family’s baby steps on their journey towards intentional, simpler living. We are hoping to get our Podcast rolling by the end of the year. We are looking for sponsors. We are going to be giving away. Year 35 baby!

Je suis prest!!


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