Wow! I cannot believe what a positive response I had to Monday’s post. Thank you all for your patronage. I truly do love writing this blog and knowing that there are folks out there reading it. It brings me such joy to know that I can share my pleasures and passions with you.

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Pleasure is such a simple thing. Often it’s the little things that bring us little moments of joy and happiness on a day to day basis, and often we forget to be grateful for them.

Taking time for gratitude is a pleasure in and of itself. Every morning and every evening I take the time to write down three things I am grateful for–be them a good cuppa, my amazing family, or that I didn’t wake up sore that day. Making this a practice has helped me start my day on a high and happy note and, after reflecting on the struggles of the day, ending it with happy thoughts. I like to write these things down in a journal, but we try to do this out loud with our kids every night too. “What was the worst part of your day? What was the best part of your day?” This allows us to hear if there are any glaring problems and it also helps them remember the good over the bad and end the day happy.

This week I have been grateful for all of you, who make my job a simple pleasure as well. Thank you.

In an effort to share the love I have decided to launch our first giveaway of 2017! (a little late…I know…) I am doing this for many reasons, but mostly because I love to give gifts. It is another simple pleasure of mine and who better to give one to than one of my lucky readers who make me feel so useful.

I know that not everyone shares my obsession with Outlander, however, it is my favorite series and I feel like if it could affect me in such an earth shattering way, maybe it could do the same for someone else. Plus, being that it was the topic of my oh so successful post, I thought it only appropriate to pay it forward to you. Lastly, reading is yet another of my simple pleasures and I am so grateful that there are talented authors out there sharing their creativity with the world. That all being said, this month we are doing a pretty big one: A boxed set of the First Four Books in the Outlander Series!

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Aww, Thanks Jamie! It is wonderful news!

But I do want to ask a small favor in return. The giveaway requires you to share the giveaway on Twitter. But in the tradition of paying it forward, I would ask that you share it in three ways. Please comment and follow on Twitter, Share and Follow us on Facebook, and Comment below as to what one of your simple pleasure is. What is something that makes you happy? What is something you are grateful for? What brings joy to your life?


Thank you all again for being such devoted readers. If you love the blog please tell your friends. We would love to see more of you visit. Please enter the giveaway here and we are so grateful for your patronage!

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Click on the image to enter the Life, Simpler Simple Pleasure Giveaway! Best of Luck! Slàinte!

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