Blessed Mabon everyone, and Happy Autumnal Equinox! Today it is officially fall.

Mabon marks the second of the Harvest Festivals on The Wheel of The Year and it has a rich history dating back to the Greeks who celebrated the Eleusinian Mysteries—a week-long festival that fell around the time of the equinox. Members of the Wiccan Tradition often consider Mabon as Pagan Thanksgiving while still others consider it Pagan Easter following the myths of that usually accompany the holiday regarding the dying gods. Regardless of your traditions, Mabon is time not only to give thanks for the harvest and the gifts we are given, but also a time to recognize the sacrifices made by each other and the world around us inherent to our survival for the next year.

Mabon is a wonderful time for storytelling, especially around the fire. The holiday is imbued with traditions, folklore, songs, and stories the offer us a great opportunity to spend time entertaining ourselves the way it used to be done before the invention of radio, television, and the internet.  It is also a wonderful time to connect with your agri-community. You will notice that the markets and nurseries will begin having pumpkins and cornstalks scattered about for sale and decoration. Tables will be overflowing with produce ready for eating, canning, and storing. Apple picking and pumpkin patches will be offered every weekend from now until Halloween (Samhain.) Now is the time to go out and meet your farmers, thank them for their goods, and recognize all that they do to feed your community.

Lastly, Mabon is time to begin preparing for winter. It is the time to plant your bulbs for spring flowers; your walking onions, leeks, and garlic for early harvest. It is a time to start your winter gardens. Plant seeds for lettuces, radishes and late peas. Kale and parsnips actually improve with frost. Plant now and by early December you will be enjoying the fruits of your equinox labors. Learn to can, pickle, freeze and dry. Stock your pantry and get ready for the cold months to come.


Mabon Celebration Ideas


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Mabon history and lore was provided by Llewellyn’s Sabbat Essentials: Mabon.

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