Who we are

Elizabeth Leonard

With over two decades of writing experience under her belt, Elizabeth knows her way around words. The founder of Life, Simpler and You, Simpler, Elizabeth bears a copious foundation in intentional living. She is a certified birth doula, a certified health coach, food life photographer, professional writer, occasional model, mother of two and an adoring wife. She and her family have been living “upstream” for over 10 years and believe that hard work, devotion, and love are the keys to a fulfilled life. Whiskey and tea lover, book, plaid, and Outlander addict.



https://www.facebook.com/kelly.m.dreher.3?fref=ts Kelly Ann Morris

Kelly Morris Dreher, a Sidman, PA native, is pleased to be back in Johnstown after spending the last several years in the south teaching English. Working in the theater, studying music, writing, cooking, and spending time with her husband and family are her favorite pastimes. She is a published author and freelance writer for many Pittsburgh publications. Kelly brings her talents in the kitchen to Life, Simpler‘s pages through inventive recipes that make even the most posh gourmet meals attainable for the home chef.


Jackie Cichowicz

Jackie believes that life’s most satisfying pursuits all have the potential to be a sort of meditation, centering us and bringing us back to our true selves. Eighteen years of martial arts study, a deep love of yoga, and a lifetime of writing have all influenced this philosophy. Jackie and her husband strive to apply this mindset to their home for the benefit of their new baby daughter as well their two other tenants … a ridiculously high-energy boxer-mix dog and a cat who, let’s face it, is actually in charge of the entire operation.